Tuesday, March 5, 2013

not your ordinary wedding shoes

Our church wedding's theme in the Philippines is travel and Paris and that's the theme of my custom-painted wedding shoes too.

The hubby is always the first fan of my figgie shoes. He was so proud of my first figgie shoes that when he saw my second pair for our church wedding in the Philippines he was in awe! He even took the shoes with him to show off some of his female friends.Lol.

I was actually supposed to just use my civil wedding figgie shoes again, that's why if you look at my white figgie shoes you'll see two dates (may 12, 2012 and january 19, 2013). But I fell in love with my first figgie shoes that I decided to order another one but this time with heels and yeah, red. Red because I love contrasting colors. White (my gown) and red goes really nice together.

Like my first figgie shoes, each images on my second figgie shoes also has a story.

click image for better resolution

On the shoes you'll see our names and the date of our church wedding. You'll also see an image of a structure, that is Fernbrook Gardens, our reception venue.

On the shoes you'll also see the Eiffel Tower. It's not there for cosmetic reasons. It's there as a symbol, that's where the hubby proposed (which you might have already known by now if you saw my blog about my first figgie shoes).

If you notice there is some kind of a pattern image behind the main images, it's a lace. Since, like I mentioned, part of our theme is Paris, I have to add some Parisian touch to it and what more to represent that but with french lace (well, and the Eiffel tower of course).

click image for better resolution

On the other side you will see some numbers. They are actually dates and coordinates. Coordinates of where the hubby proposed and coordinates where we had our civil wedding.

On that other side you will also see more travel theme images. There's a compass and a globe. Those aren't there just because our theme is travel, it also represents the hubby and i's love for travel.

On that same side of the shoes you'll also see an image of my brooch bouquet and the image of my first figgie shoes. It's a flat white wedding shoes that was also hand-painted by figgieshoes.com for my civil wedding. If you want to know the story behind my first figgie shoes click me.

Again, the lace pattern is there.

click image for better resolution

The back has images too. Here you'll see the words "i do" painted on each side and a rose pattern.

I love love love my figgie shoes. If I have enough money, I would love to give all my female entourage a pair of figgie shoes as a present *sigh*. Unfortunately, we're working on a budget and can't afford it.  Anyway, below is a photo of my first figgie shoes with our luggage tin and chocolates wedding favors and an eiffel tower props. Notice the January 19, 2013 date.

my first pair of figgie shoes with the january 19 date on the other side
(click image for better view)

If you want to order your own figgieshoes below are the links:

1. website
2. facebook
3. twitter

bought the red shoes from amazon.com
brand name: bordello - violette

below is the inspiration for my red and white shoes
more here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=326921150688153&set=a.250349895011946.61401.124267694286834&type=3&permPage=1