Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coincidence or Copy-cats?

a few months ago i have blogged about something i intend to do for our wedding....a month ago i found out someone i know will be doing the same thing for their wedding..... i know i shouldn't be bothered by that but i am..... i kept thinking did they come up with that idea themselves or did they copied that idea from us?

 that couple's wedding is earlier than ours which means they'll get to do that-thing-i'm-doing-for-our-wedding  first and i hate the thought of being branded as a copy-cat by common friends just because they saw that-thing-i'm-doing-for-our-wedding  from that other couple's wedding first .....
i don't like what i'm feeling, to be honest, because i'm sounding petty.... i really shouldn't make a big deal out of this and i really hope this immature reaction will pass soon...... they're nice people and i should give them the benefit of the doubt...

 anyway, i found this interesting link..worth reading...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

proud of our photo and video

i always visit our photographer's  and videographer's website to look at their latest works and i must say, the more i look at them the more i get excited to work with them!  they just keep getting better and better!

and who said only A-list, high-priced photographer and videographer can give high quality outputs? our photo and video are jackpot finds for us...... so proud we got them!

keep up the good work J and D!

image credit: http://enchantedcelebrations.com/

Sunday, May 22, 2011

invading cape may

we're pretty much done in terms of booking the suppliers for our church wedding in the philippines but we haven't booked anything yet for our civil wedding here in the U.S....... we really didn't feel the urgency to make arrangements for our civil wedding so we decided to concentrate on our philippine wedding instead......

 i'm dreaming of a beach wedding, a simple beach wedding (we don't want to splurge since we're already semi-splurging on our church wedding) and we thought  cape may   would be an excellent choice.....so finally, on may 21, 2011, saturday, the same date it was rumored to be the end of the world, my h2b and i finally set out on a mission to visit  cape may ....

 we want to know how the weather is like at this time of the year and how crowded it would be.....we also visited the reception venues that i have researched and contacted thru the web prior our visit...... it was a productive day..... we're able to witness an actual cape may wedding and we were able to get some ideas out of that..... we also we're able to pick a perfect spot on the beach for the actual ceremony and we also kinda found a good reception venue..... i said "kinda" because we're trying to figure out the logistics with regards to parking and going to and from the ceremony venue to the reception...... so until we figured out how to take care of that we have to keep looking...... but we love the reception we looked at and we love their food too!

we also went to this bridal shop called wedding by the sea to ask for the rental rates of their chairs, arbor and feather banner....... it was reasonable but we weren't able to book them yet because we don't have our reception and ceremony venue yet........ aside from ceremony rentals, they also have lots of interesting stuff like the starfish tiara, the big diamond replica (that h2b bought coz he thought it would be a good gag, lol), the cute satin flower bouquet and the groom and bride piggy bank (just click the image for better view) .......
we also found out thru that shop that may and september are their busy months..... which also means we might need to book them soon, but how soon is soon is still up in the air......

we might need to go back in a few weeks to plan the logistics and everything...... originally we're thinking of looking at both cape may and rehoboth, delaware but we might just  skip that because we're thinking we're in good hands in cape may since they really do beach weddings and they're famous for that.....

by the way did i mention i love cape may? i love love it! the shops at washington street......the nice beach....the victorian houses.....the colorful buildings......it's just lovely....... no wonder it's famous for beach weddings.....

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Negaversary!

ok, for those who are raising their eyebrows and doesn't have a clue what i'm talking about negaversary means this:

according to urbandictionary.com:

1. negaversary

A day that is exactly 1 year before the planned event such as wedding (term originally coined by Sean Ryan).
I'm going to get married after a year on this day with Mona.
Today is my negaversary and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take her out.


or if you want to see it (sort of) in a mathematical way:


(Negative) + Anniversary

i don't know when and how negaversary started but it's (kinda) a cool way (atleast psychologically) to amp up excitement for brides with long engagements..... it might sound silly to some but hey, to each his own....

cheers to one more year of wedding preparation for fellow bride-to-bes.... happy negaversary to all couples who are starting their 1 year wedding countdown today......

i'll be demanding a rita's custard ice cream (not the diet version) to celebrate, LOL

this is just for the civil wedding
we'll be celebrating another negaversary for the church wedding, haha, greedy-greedy, lol

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Operation : Lipo?

when i read that the skinny Kate Middleton had to do some form of dieting for her wedding i was surprised..... if she needs to lose weight where does that lead me then?

no.... no... i'm not doing the lipo thing.... first, because it costs money and second, man, did you see videos of those undergoing liposuction, they look like animals being slaughtered!  and there are just so many risks.... i know, i know, there's vicky belo.... all actors and actresses do it and they're all still alive but what can i say, i'm a wimp, lol and i'm poor, LOL

so anyway, enough intro.... i just really want to talk  about dieting....

i've been on a diet ever since i was rumored to be pregnant in our neighborhood because i got fat ...i've become so sensitive about my weight since then...... i was able to maintain a skinnier version of me until i left the Philippines and moved to the U.S...... i've been trying to go back to my pre-US weight most specially now that i'm getting married...... every bride-to-be's first mission is to lose weight before the big day...

here are just some tips and trivia that helped me to keep on track..... i still have to lose a lot of weight, mind you, but with patience, hopefully i'll go back to my ideal weight...

so without further adieu....

i just have 3 major tips dieting wise. and i'll leave the exercises and other activities to lose weight up to you.....

ok, game?

1. eat only the good carbs

dieting starts with food habits and carbs has always been viewed as the bad "crowd".... i don't want to give you all those intimidating terminologies so i'll try to simply stuff...

there are two kinds of carbs--- complex and simple..... complex are the whole wheat, fruits, veggies, grains (basically, those grains that can be sprouted)..... refined carbs (aka simple sugars) are usually white in color and examples are rice, flour, and all desserts and yes, that doritos on your hand.... to make the long story short, complex carbs are your best friend..... this is a challenge for me because i love sweets....

below is the comparison table....

Complex Carbs vs Simple Carbs


  • longer sugar chains (3 sugar molecules),
  • takes longer to break down as glucose,
  • digestive enzymes have to work harder & needs energy to break chain,
  • food in its natural form (fruit, nuts, whole grain, veggies),
  • unprocessed or whole grain,
  • if grain can be sprouted its its complex carb,
  • more filling,
  • slow and steady digestion process provides steady supply of energy,

The slow and steady digestion process of a complex carbohydrate ensures that there is a steady supply of energy to meet your needs.


  • just one, glucose
  • broken down very easily and are rapidly absorbed through the intestine,
  • need very little digestion effort, broken down easily and absorbed easily by intestine,
  • usually in powder and white (rice, flour),
  • can't be sprouted it's refined,
  • you tend to be hungry immediately
  • easy digestion leads to increase in insulin

The sudden influx of sugar molecules into the blood stream requires that your body over-release insulin into the blood stream to control the blood sugar levels.

fast digestion = glucose rush...glucose rush = over-release of insulin...glucose rush = excess available energy... excess glucose = fat
please keep in mind  that (a) the intestine can only digest simple sugars..... and that (b) insulin is a very potent fat storage hormone......

2. don't eat late at night
our insulin levels are very sensitive at night and it will be much easier to store extra fat if you consume sugars later in the day..... remember what i just posted above? (b) insulin is a very potent fat storage hormone .....i guess that's why after 6 (pm) works like a charm....oh, and plus you get flatter abs when you wake up and you didnt eat late at night......

3. drink plenty of water
 6-8oz of water, 8 times a day..... the colder the better....because our body takes extra energy to warm the water we drink....drinking water helps keep us from overeating, so try to drink 1 glass of water before any meal....


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Monday, May 9, 2011

on DIY wedding cords

wedding cord together with the napkin ring is in my DIY list.... the napkin ring is just a nice countdown project for me but as for the DIY wedding cord it's just simply because i don't like the look of the conventional wedding cord (see pic on left).....

i have started doing mock up napkin rings and have came up with 3 designs already but there are still designs that i want to try.... i'll post here those designs we wont be using as soon as i decided which napkin ring design to use...... i want our wedding to have an element of surprise so i try not to post too much about what our wedding would look like, lol

anyway, back to wedding cords....

i have been looking for different shapes and shades of peach and yellow beads and spacers....i've also have been scouring the web for designs..... that was my greatest challenge, to decide on a bead combination and how the layout would be but i think i have found my design  and the next step now is to find out how to make it, which is actually easy but i wasn't sure what the length would be and today i just found out it's 50 inches per loop....

below are some DIY posts for wedding cords....i'll post my own as soon as i get to it, lol


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeddingsAtWork/message/435621 (for w@w members only)


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getting used to the "in-laws" nouns

when i got engaged it took a while before it sinked in that i kept saying "i guess i'm engaged" which also made my h2b nervous, lol.... he thought i'm having second thoughts about marrying him.....

the thought of having additional "nouns" in my family tree hasn't sinked in yet too until i got this note....

i am very touched...

and i feel so very blessed...

that note came with a check to help my h2b and i on our
wedding preps, specifically the photo and video...