Monday, May 9, 2011

on DIY wedding cords

wedding cord together with the napkin ring is in my DIY list.... the napkin ring is just a nice countdown project for me but as for the DIY wedding cord it's just simply because i don't like the look of the conventional wedding cord (see pic on left).....

i have started doing mock up napkin rings and have came up with 3 designs already but there are still designs that i want to try.... i'll post here those designs we wont be using as soon as i decided which napkin ring design to use...... i want our wedding to have an element of surprise so i try not to post too much about what our wedding would look like, lol

anyway, back to wedding cords....

i have been looking for different shapes and shades of peach and yellow beads and spacers....i've also have been scouring the web for designs..... that was my greatest challenge, to decide on a bead combination and how the layout would be but i think i have found my design  and the next step now is to find out how to make it, which is actually easy but i wasn't sure what the length would be and today i just found out it's 50 inches per loop....

below are some DIY posts for wedding cords....i'll post my own as soon as i get to it, lol (for w@w members only)


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