Friday, April 13, 2012

brain teaser called seating chart

two is better than one.

yep, finally solved the brain teaser… i was pulling my hair out when i tried to do it alone..... i tried all sorts
of combination pero it's either there's an outcast or im breaking down a group or the seating arrangement is just too awkward......but when h2b and i joint force, we solved it, lol....

i never would have thought making a seating chart could be tricky… you had to make sure it’s infant-friendly (near the door for emergency), awkward-proof (no oddballs or guests hating each other on the same table)… had to be outcast-proof (no displaced guest who doesn’t know anyone from that table)..

it’ll be easier (i think) if guests are in multiples of 2 but ofcourse that’s not always the case…anyway, we made it…. those, btw, are colored marker post-its… yellows are my guests, hot pink are h2b’s relatives…greens are h2b’s friends…

this is h2b’s wedding kaya he has more guests than i do…pinas wedding is mine and i’ll have a hundred guests…so quits lang, lol

we are having an intimate wedding and decided to limit the number of guests..... wedding expenses are just piling up and our church wedding in the philippines is also starting to get pricey so we really need to watch our budget and be strategic with regards to inviting guests...... our priority for the civil wedding is the h2b's relatives and the only time we get to invite more on my side is when we get some rejects..... we got 4 guests from h2b's cousins who can't make it (which is understandable being it a destination wedding and people had to drive 2-3 hours to the wedding venue) and with this i was able to invite 4 more of my friends..... i just hope they don't get offended that they're part of the second batch.....

anyway, we're happy..... we're slowly chugging along wedding-preps wise but we're almost done....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

on wedding favors

schedule last night is supposed to be organizing all the wedding stuff & putting them in labeled containers but i did this & escort cards template, instead…1 1/2 items off my ToDo list… yay me.

by the way, bought the small apothecary jars from supposed to be with customized labels but they misspelled my name! (it became marTin)...we complained and they agreed to give me a new set of labels with the correct spelling pero i decided to make our own label na lang... i used the same design we'll be using for the escort cards (and that's what's on the picture) kaya ok na rin because they match!

something looks missing.
should i add a thin ribbon & tie it on the lid?

30 days!

malapit na!

we've finished 2 more DIY projects,  our favors and bridesmaids' barefoot sandals...

i still have 4 major DIY projects left.

1. my brooch bouquet - almost ready, what's left is arranging it into bouquet and some final touches...will only need 2-3 hours to do... depending on how anal retentive i am at that moment, lol....btw, i made a video on how to make your own brooch bouquet, coming soon!

2. my barefoot sandals - i finished the bridesmaids but haven't started mine.... cant decide which beads i want to use - need 4 hours

3. escort cards - on going...did a mock-up already...just waiting for remaining guests who haven't RSVPed yet so we can start the seating chart and then start the escort cards...need 1 whole day for this....

4. guestbook - i want a unique guestbook so we have to go the opposite fact, we shouldn't call it guestbook..... anyway, this one's pretty easy so i won't sweat this out...1-2 hrs


to view our other finished DIY projects click me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

beach/civil wedding gown shopping sneak peak

i went to several bridal stores and they vary from low profile stores to intimidating stores that carries gowns as high as $10,000...... in the Philippines it's very common to order for a customized gown but here in the US it's more common to just buy ready to wear gowns...... i take that back, it's not really ready to wear because you still need to order your size and wait 5-6 months before they can give you your gown but it's not custom gown and there's a fat chance that 10 other women have bought the same gown you picked....... that doesn't bother me though.......

so anyway, i tried oh so many gowns.... on all shapes and silhouettes and designer names..........i tried maggie sottero, oleg cassini, vera wang, some davids bridal gowns and pronovias...... i admit, at one point, i got gown ODed (over dosed) that it took me a while before i started trying on gowns again.......... this post would be about all the gowns i tried on and my finalist for my civil wedding gown..... ofcourse i didn't post here the gown that i would wear for my civil wedding (nor the church wedding)......

please be warned that this post is a vanity post, haha...... since i won't get to wear all the gowns that i like i thought it would be fun to show off all those gowns that i was lucky to try on, lol...... if you should know, the reason why these gowns didn't make it is because: 1. i may look good on certain angle but then i'd look like a sack of potato on all other angles or 2. expensive or 3. i'm just not that 100% convinced that i should buy that certain gown or 4. expensive, expensive, expensive......

yes, i took my time...... took photos of the gowns on all angles and took a video of them too so i could watch it at home and can compare each gown better and i would be reminded of how the fabric looks and how it flows......

again, this post is a vanity post showing the different wedding gowns i tried on.........those with * are finalist gowns......don't forget to read the captions to know where they're from.... click the image for better view

i will post  the gowns i tried on for the church wedding also but not til after the civil wedding....

maggie soterro - perri
reason for not buying: front view looks like i
have a built-in buoy..pricey

maggie sottero - landis
reason for not buying: side view looks like im
pregnant...pricey ($1,165)

*pronovias - tigris
reason for not buying: too heavy for a beach wedding.  although, i almost bought this
as a second dress (this dress is too plain to be a church gown) for the philippines wedding because
the h2b liked this on me sooo much...but
decided against it, that's going overboard.. ($1,000)

* maggie sottero - teagan
reason for not buying: almost bought this.
it's just too expensive for a civil
wedding gown ($1,199)

david's bridal
reason for not buying: kinda like it but doesn't
have the wow factor

dabid's bridal
reason for not buying: kinda like it but gown looks
like a sweet sixteen gown ($500)

david's bridal
reason for not buying: picture looks nice, on
the video i look like a sack of potato

david's bridal
reason for not buying: sack of potato

vera wang
reason for not buying: sack of potato ($1000+)

maggie sottero
reason for not buying: sack of potato

maggie sottero
reason for not buying: tummy gets emphasized
because of the built-in sash/belt

*maggie sottero - ryshia
reason for not buying: really like it but frieds
thought the floral accent used look very old fashioned.
plus this one's way too pricey too ($1,339).

reason for not buying: i look pregnant

reason for not buying: sack of potato