Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 days!

malapit na!

we've finished 2 more DIY projects,  our favors and bridesmaids' barefoot sandals...

i still have 4 major DIY projects left.

1. my brooch bouquet - almost ready, what's left is arranging it into bouquet and some final touches...will only need 2-3 hours to do... depending on how anal retentive i am at that moment, lol....btw, i made a video on how to make your own brooch bouquet, coming soon!

2. my barefoot sandals - i finished the bridesmaids but haven't started mine.... cant decide which beads i want to use - need 4 hours

3. escort cards - on going...did a mock-up already...just waiting for remaining guests who haven't RSVPed yet so we can start the seating chart and then start the escort cards...need 1 whole day for this....

4. guestbook - i want a unique guestbook so we have to go the opposite fact, we shouldn't call it guestbook..... anyway, this one's pretty easy so i won't sweat this out...1-2 hrs


to view our other finished DIY projects click me.


Anna Higuera said...

omg! i really really love all your DIY project sissy! :) I have the barefoot sandals in my list too but I dunno yet what beads to use :) looking forward to the remaining DIYs...30 more days!!!lapit na! yey!

mindovercookie said...

thank you sis!

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