Who is TwoSqrtOfThree?

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Why Two Square Root of 3?
We're both Software Engineers and I guess getting attracted to geeky stuff comes with the territory.
This is actually inspired by the poem "Square root of Three" that we heard from the movie "Harold and Kumar". You can find that poem at the left side of this page. We also used to have a blog site named squarerootofthree that we used to relay messages to each other at one point in our relationship.

Our official wedsite is at mywedding.com where we announce all the official details about the wedding. But for now that site is only accessible by close friends and relatives. This page however was created to give you a glimpse of what's in our official wedsite. Like "The Proposal" and afew trivia about us.

The rest of 2sqrtof3 blog site will be posts about our wedding preparation behind the scenes, some of my DIY projects, personal experiences, lessons learned , misadventures and some useful info that I have come across while scouring the world wide web for unique ideas and tips which hopefully would also help the fellow B2Bs out there.

To help you, titles in small letters are just random babblings from yours truly and titles starting in capital letters are articles and interesting reads.
Enjoy browsing and Happy Preps fellow B2Bs and H2Bs!

B2B - bride to be
H2B - husband to be

The Proposal:

.... a long time ago, my dream proposal was simple..... by the beach, during sunset or sunrise..... while i did dream of a proposal in the romantic city, that is Paris, i dismissed it because i thought i'm not being realistic, that it would be an impossible dream.....

i was wrong....

because on New Year's eve ,
January 1, 2011,
in Paris, infront of the sparkling Eiffel Tower,
the man of my dreams proposed to me....
and it's the most wonderful day of my life....

it's true what they say....
when a door closes a window will open....

<pre-proposal video is available at the official mywedding.com wedsite>

<The Proposal - Her story is available at the official mywedding.com wedsite>

The Proposal - His Story

While we were in Paris, I just had one goal - I want to propose to her. I'll propose at the best chance I get while we're there.

I had several opportunities:

(1)Day1:  Dinner inside the Eiffel tower (58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant) - Didn't happen. Didn't like the table we're seated at.
(2) At the top most floor of the Eiffel tower - Didn't happen because we lost our tickets.

(3) While cruising the River Seine at night - Almost did but the loud college girls behind us are spoiling the moment.

(4) Day 2: Dinner at Le Ciel De Paris Restaurant (Montparnasse) - Nope. I really want to propose with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It was too foggy that night.

(5) Day 3: New Year's Eve - It was now or never because we're leaving Paris the next day. You already know the rest of the story/bloopers.


The Bride and the Groom are both from Philadelphia but the bride is originally from Manila, Philippines while the groom is born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. The bride is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from St. Paul Manila University, while the groom is a Physics major graduate from New York University. Both a nerd by heart and both a very respectable Software Engineer in their own respective field of expertise.

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