Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Cake Toppers

i was browsing through cake toppers a few weeks ago and chanced upon a funny cake topper..... i showed that to the h2b and after laughing too hard he announced he wants that for our cake..... i thought he was kidding but then last night while we were having dinner with his dad he brought that up again and he tried to look it up online to show his dad..... incidentally we saw a few more funny ones.....just click the image for bigger view...


need-to-loose-weight cake toppers

the runaway bride/broom

now, the best for last.....
can you guess which one of these my h2b wants to get for our cake and which one i'd prefer?


     bride still shopping

     bride pinching groom's butt

        stop playing!

   cake shoved on groom's face


          blotto couple

    mr & mrs smith & wesson

answer: mr & mrs smith & wesson, blotto couple
which ones do you like?

image sources: weirdomatic.com & failwedding.com


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