Friday, January 13, 2012

sheath happens

nope..... i didn't misspell anything..... that's actually part of the name of the couturier we have just booked in the philippines..... the couturier who would be making my female entourage's gown, my dad and my brother's barong ang my h2b's coat barong..... i am so excited to see how the design i want would turn out and how the coat barong would look on my h2b......

for those who have just heard of the coat barong, it's a barong sewn on top of a coat...which means it's more opaque and not translucent....which also means, it doesn't need camisa chino anymore.....

anyway, back to sheaths.... they are the last major supplier that i need to book which means now i can concentrate on our civil wedding....well... actually we're also almost finished booking all our major civil wedding suppliers  and we have just booked our officiant.....right now i am just looking for cakes which is really not in our priority list but i just got tempted to research for cake suppliers in cape may.....

i actually just wanted the civil wedding to be really simple.... like, we just want the 30 minute ceremony and then we'll all just have a regular dinner at a restaurant but then we decided to make this one memorable too because we decided may 12 (which is the civil wedding date) is what we'll celebrate as our wedding anniversary and not the church wedding anymore.... but we're trying to make the civil wedding as intimate as possible though, and we're rooting to have just 40 guests, 50 max.... i didn't invite much on my side because i don't have relatives in the US anyway (the closest i have is in canada) plus i want this wedding to be my h2b's wedding dedicated for his family since only a handful of his family and friends can come to the philippines for our church wedding...... so75% of our guests are my h2b's family and friends and i just invited my friends who are part of the entourage.....

anyway, so yeah, i'm looking for cakes because h2b told me his guest would be expecting a cake which means we'll do the cake slicing and probably first dance and maybe some speeches from friends and family...... i'm not sure about bouquet and garter tossing, though..... i find those really corny.....but ofcourse, knowing me, i might change my mind....

oh, i'm also busy with my shoes.... i  have been thinking about contacting this one supplier who does custom stuff for shoes (she's based in canada) and after a year i finally gave in and im currently in the process of filling up my order form, listing down my requests and packing my shoes so i could send it to her.... i'm so very excited! hopefully i can use that shoes for both civil and church wedding....

let's see, what else? on top of my head, here are some other stuff i need to do for the next 3 months:

1. WYB for church wedding entourage members
2. mock-up DIY civil wedding invitations
3. mock-up barefoot sandals
4. decide on parasol color/design then order
5. order faux-fur wrap
6. order shepherd's hook, diff sizes
7. order sphere paper lantern
8. decide on civil wedding favors
9. buy yards and yards of white tulle for ceremony decor
10. buy extra arbor
11. contact flower shop for arbor decors.
12. research arbor decor
13. update wedsite
14. send invitations
15. gather guests meal preference
16. take final headcount to reception venue
17. set up meeting time/place for church ento's measurements

after the civil wedding:
1. order church wedding favors
2. order sky lanterns
3. order church wedding invitation
4. order escort/table cards
5. have h2b's measurements ready

i'm really starting to like this long engagement, well, i do get impatient because i'm excited to be mrs. N but the pros outweighs the cons.... like, because i have 1.5 years to prepare for the civil wedding and 2 years for the church i can do the wedding preps at whatever pace i like.... there are times that i'm actively booking and researching wedding suppliers in full straight weeks and then i would just stop for a couple of months and then back's really less stressful..... and the other nice thing is that we get to save money and we can semi-splurge.....

my h2b and i are splitting the costs of our two weddings..... i take care of the wedding expenses in the philippines and the h2b takes care of the following:
(1) upgrades for the philippines wedding (food, photographer, video),
(2) some miscellaneous stuff that he wants for the philippines wedding (wedding favors, sky lanterns, ambient lighting),
(3) our roundtrip airfares to & from the philippines  (including his family members and best man),
(4) civil wedding expenses here in the U.S, and ofcourse
(5) the honeymoon....

is it a fair split, hmm, not really, LOL, but i don't dare complain, lol....


popcorn said...

Hi Ayeen,

Nice to read about how your wedding preparations are coming along, brings back memories and hey, it's nice to be able to splurge on your wedding.

- Jean

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