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w@w quotes for Primer 2012

i received an email from ms. benz that she's collecting replies to the questionnaire for the wedding primer 2012..... this was last july 24, 2012 but i haven't got to it until august 11, 2012....the deadline was august 15....

i thought i should share my answers here..... who knows someone might be able to pick up some lessons or at the least might entertain someone.... so here goes..

1. Your top 'Moment' during the preparation (for both married and unmarried

>> i'm a budget-zilla and i can't count how many times i tried to convince my fiance that we should just skip the church wedding in the philippines (since we're getting/got  married civilly in the U.S. anyway) because we could use the money to renovate our house and my parent's house or to do our dream vacations but he would keep saying no and one time he said "you're 35, you've waited long enough you deserve your dream wedding" it was heartwarming for me...and he would also keep reminding me that the wedding in the philippines is a tribute to my parents since none of my family was able to attend my civil wedding in the U.S.....

2. Your top 'Moment' during the Wedding Day (for married ones lang)

>> while i was walking down the aisle (actually it was a beach ramp) with the violin and guitar playing "you" by carpenters live in the background and seeing my fiance at the other end waiting ang smiling at me.... i was like "this is it! i'm marrying the man of my dreams at hindi na ako bound for spinsterhood!", lol.

3. Nicest thing done to you (wedding preps/wedding related; by anybody either your supplier, entourage, friends, family, fiance or even W@Wsis/brod, basta an 'aaawwww' moment)

>> my friends, even though they aren't part of our civil wedding entourage all helped to decorate our beach ceremony venue, gift table and ran all sorts of of my friends even made sure i had breakfast and brought me breakfast while i'm getting ready for the (civil) wedding.

4. Married life is... (for married members, this will help the brides as they will know what to expect) not limited to one reply

>> respecting each other and knowing how to compromise

5. Things that went wrong in my wedding (for married members) doesn't have to be just one answer

>> during "Remembrance" , the part where our civil wedding officiant had to mention the names of our beloved departed, the officiant misread his own notes and mentioned my fiance's brother's name (my brother-in-law) instead of  my fiance's deceased mother's name...both my fiance and i froze and i immediately looked at my brother-in-law to see his reaction.....good thing, he looked like he didn't hear it...some of our other guests heard it too and just shrugged it off thinking they must have just misheard the officiant and it was the wind that's messing up with their hearing (our ceremony was by the beach and it was windy that day)....

6. Things I splurged and will splurge on. Max of 3 answers lang pls. (we will tally thing kasi and get the Top answers)

>> photo and video (because that's the only thing that would be left of us after the wedding)
>> food (i want our guests to remember our wedding because of the food)
>> venue (for us, it's all about visual presentations and how it would look good on camera so venue and aesthetics like moodlights, decorations is important)

7. I learned that a wedding....

>> is only for a day but you get to know more about each other during the preparation...

 8. Advice to a bride planning her wedding (my most important tip) -- madami sa kin e...

>> excel sheet is your friend! list all your To Do's, To Buy's, To Meet Up's, To Harrass (lol) and mark them accordingly whenever you accomplished an item...this keeps you organized and it's good psychologically when you get to see lots of  accomplished items, it makes you less stressed out....

>> first things first...focus on the most important part and work your way down...(ie: take care of booking the church first, then venue, then entourage-including ninongs and ninangs..favors, invitations, detailing should be down at the bottom of the list)

>> i have to plan 2 weddings, my civil and church and it gets really overwhelming specially if both weddings are destination gets specially overwhelming when it's time to do the details,as in when you have booked all the suppliers and it's time for the nitty-gritty details.... my last tip is to "worry" one item at a for this week i'll worry about the reception..... what centerpiece, what food, seating chart, favors, escort cards, table cards, all reception related....then next week i would worry about the ceremony, what decoration, do i need loose petals, do i want custom vows, etc...that way you can focus on each of the wedding elements better and you're more likely not to forget anything..

9. I wish... (on wedding, wedding preps etc etc whatever)
>> i wish taking vacation leaves isn't a problem...we're overseas couple and we're struggling for vacation leaves because we have to be in the Philippines a week or 2 before the wedding and at the same time we need to allot weeks to tour our foreign guests and for our honeymoon...i would love to tour my inlaws around the philippines to show off my beautiful country kasi and i need 6 weeks vacation leaves sana....

10. Have you read a past issue of The W@W Wedding Primer? What did you like best or lest? Any suggestion? If you can share kwento re Primer please do, need materials din for W@W Inbox/Letter to the Editors portion.

>> the first and last primer i saw  was 2002 pa ata basta ung first one...i like the planning portion there and the wedding requirements...i'd love to see some DIY tips/section there and wedding budgetting tips (kung wala pa)

11. What is your favorite local Wedding mags/books/booklets and why? Please include both bride & groom's name and wedding date also your address (or an address in Manila of a friend/family) so we can send you a copy if*we quoted you.
>>no favorite, i like them all e!
my philippines address:  Makati City, Philippines


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