Saturday, February 9, 2013

Supplier Meeting/Detailing - Part 2

from july 30 until aug 3 of 2013 i went home to the philippines for a quick visit to meet with the suppliers while i was in between jobs (my contract just got done).....  more about that here: On Detailing and the Whirlwind Pinas Visit.......

a week before our wedding we had to meet with wedding suppliers again for remaining wedding stuff and here's what our week was like:

Day 0      


Day 1
Day 2

1. Couturier - Boy Kastner (barong fitting)

Day 3
2. Coordinator 
Day 4

3. Church - Notre Dame De Vie (canonical interview)

Day 5

4. HMUA: Mayone Bakunawa / 5. Photographer : JLR / 6. Videographer: DLS

this second half is just all tours.....

Day 71/18
Segway Tour in Intramuros, Manila

Day 8
Day 91/20Villa Escudero (overnight)
Day 101/21Tagaytay (day trip)
Day 11
Corregidor (day trip)
Day 121/23El Nido
Day 131/24El Nido
Day 141/25El Nido
Day 151/26El Nido
Day 16
Manila (Resorts World, Greenhills pasalubong shopping)
Day 17

so that's 6 suppliers total! 

i think if you're an overseas bride you can do what i did, go home 6 months before to take of wedding items that needs your personal appearance and needs to be in production right away.... take for example the entourage's gowns...... the sooner you tell your couturier the correct color shade and fabric you want the earlier he/she can start making your entourage's gown......

or, you can just meet with your wedding suppliers weeks before your wedding but if i may suggest, if you want to do that, try to do 2 suppliers per day and don't squeeze more than that in a day, and then plan how many weeks you need to be home before your big day based on how many suppliers you need to meet..... why i said 2 suppliers per day? you don't want to be too stressed out days before your wedding..... now for stuff that needs to be taken cared of way in advance, like the entourage's gown or your gown, you might want to talk to your supplier on that.... most of them can handle overseas bride and you can even do fitting online so just talk to them...... as to the right shade of color and fabric to use, you can try sending your pegs via snail mail to your supplier..... 

happy preps!


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