Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our first year anniversary. We decided to make the civil wedding the official one because one, the January 19 is too controversial (2 exes got
married on that date) and two, we just thought it makes sense because that's the first wedding and that's when we started living as husband and wife. The church wedding is just for formality sake.

So anyway, I was doing this wedding anniversary countdown thing on my tumblr site and figured I should compile all those posts there here.

So here you go.


1st wedding anniversary countdown: day 1 - monogram

countdown to our first wedding anniversary starts today!
excited! excited to eat the frozen wedding cake, haha, babaw much.
anyway, starting today til our anniversary date, i’ll be posting 1 DIY (do it yourself) project that i did for our civil wedding…i’ll start with our monogram…


1st wedding anniversary countdown: day 2 -  WYB = “will you be”

i made this “message in a bottle” necklace WYB to ask our civil wedding’s female wedding party to be part of our entourage… also sent this to one pinoy groomsman…
here’s how i did it:


1st wedding anniversary countdown: day 3 - WYB for male entourage..

and here’s how i made them:


1st WA countdown: day 4 - sand brush

since we had a beach wedding and we were encouraging the guests to go barefooted during the ceremony, i decided to make the sand brush…
as you can read from the label, it says : “to keep the sand off your toes”..
i ordered those cheap paint brush in bulk. printed the label sticker with our monogram printed on it (by the head) and explaining what the brush is for (at the handle) and
just tied a blue ribbon (because our motif is turquoise blue)


1st WA countdown day: day 5 - door hangtags

my wedding coordinator friend appreciated this because it was easy for her to locate all the rooms of the entourage when distributing breakfast and knock at their doors when it’s call time…

the whites are made of thick glossy photo paper while the colored ones are card stocks… we didn’t use the colored ones and i reprinted the bride and groom’s using white paper..

we reused the white bride & groom’s door hang tag for our church wedding too to make it easier for photo & video & other suppliers to find our rooms…


1st WA countdown day: day 7 - shell buotonniere

i also did our groomsmen (and bestman’s) shell boutonniere… it was easy to do but very tedious. gluing fabric is not a walk in the park, let me tell ya.


1st WA countdown day: day 8 - barefoot sandals

i made my female entourage’s barefoot sandals. took me a while to decide on the beads to use.. they were all barefooted during the ceremony and they were just wearing the barefoot sandals i made them.


1st WA countdown day: day 9 - beach-theme escort cards

since it’s a beach wedding, i want our escort cards to be beach themed too.

we used sand dollars & starfish, sand is decorative sand mixed with cape may shore’s sand… these were easy to do…it’s the actual card that’s tedious because i need to mark it with the guest’s dish preference (seafood, pork, beef or fish)… it’s tedious because each piece is customized and there are 45 of them…


1st WA countdown day: day 10 - wedding favors

i forgot to post yesterday so this is for yesterday & today.
we made our wedding favors. ordered those empty apothecary glasses and designed and printed the label.
chocolates are from dove chocolates.


1st WA countdown day: day 11 - parasols instead of flowers
instead of flowers, i opted for parasols. it’s cheaper (bought them from

trivia: our wedding color motif is supposedly tiffany blue but i can’t find tiffany blue parasols with patterns on it and i can’t find a decent tiffany blue sash. i found these turquoise parasols with patterns online and liked it so much i bought 6 of them (extra 2 just in case it got blewn away or got ripped)… the parasols ended up dictating what our final color motif would be.

the white one is mine


1st WA countdown: day 15 - luminaries table numbers

instead of the usual cardstock table numbers propped into a metal card holder or framed up, i got these luminaries instead… it’s made up of thick vellum paper with the ocean-like design, our names, date of the wedding and ofcourse table numbers on it…custom ordered them from….it came flat and all i had to do is roll it up and remove the sticker cover found at the edge of the paper and stick the ends together…
then i bought those cheap battery-operated tealight candles that i placed inside the assembled luminaries…
it looked like a frosted vase with candles from a distance…really cool specially at night…


1st WA countdown: day 16 - message in a bottle guestbook

we want our guestbook to be somehow beach-related too so we have this “message in a bottle” guestbook where guests write something on a recycled paper, roll it and tie it with a raffia string (that has trinket tied at the end) and then place it inside the bottle….


1st WA countdown: day 17 - wedding programme

wedding program is also beach themed.
unlike in the philippines, here you put the names of the entourage as part of the programme.
in our programme, you actually have the ceremony sched (intro, exchanging of vows, when’s the sand ceremony gonna start, etc), reception sched (ie: cocktail is from what time til what time, 1st dance

1st WA countdown: day 18 - aisle decorations

i bought several paper lanterns online, some shepherd’s hooks (from jo-annes fabric), dozens of red roses (from produce junction, and i also requested our bridesmaids to each bring a dozen roses) and yards and yards of white tulle to use for our aisle decoration…


1st WA countdown: day 19 - gifts for the female ento

custom bag for the female ento carrying some goodies. goodies include: faux fur coat, black sequenced clutch bag, parasol, the programme, sandbrush, towellette, “minimergency for her” , the barefoot sandals inside a $1 blue jewelry box, wawa card..

WA = wedding anniversary


1st WA countdown: day 20 - civil ceremony layout

i have visualized what our civil ceremony aisle would look like while on a train going to work and drew it on a notebook…

with the help of my friends & hubby, the layout that i have envisioned materialized…


1st WA countdown: day 21 - wedding cake
our civil wedding cake, like all the other elements in our wedding, is beach themed, ergo the shells and everything…


1st WA countdown: day 22 - bride hanger

bought this “bride” hanger from etsy….meaning to use this but used my dress form instead…


1st WA countdown: day 23 - musicians

we hired a violinist and guitarist to play by the beach…
makes a whole lot of difference when you have musicians playing by the beach during the wedding ceremony… if you’re planning a beach ceremony do NOT skip the musicians…

(they played while guests are finding a seat & waiting for the ceremony to start, during the ceremony & during recession….. then they went inside the reception venue to continue serenading the guests during cocktail hour & reception…. they also played our first dance)

WA = wedding anniversary


1st WA countdown: day 24 - cape may luvin'

no photo this time, but a video…

on our wedding day, we booked a “capemay moonlight” trolley tour for our guests…the tour showed them rows & rows of victorian houses, learned about courtship during the victorian era and some history about the famous victorian houses…. it was a perfect way to end our wedding day…

attached is a video bob & i took around christmas time (2011) in cape may, to give you an idea what our guests saw during the trolley tour…the last part of the video is our wedding’s reception and ceremony venue

Cape May Video from bluemarlinfish on Vimeo.


1st WA countdown : day 25 - wedding gown

my civil wedding gown is from
maggie soterro but i got it cheap because it was about to get phased out and the bridal store i got this from is having a year-end sale… i just added a removable one shoulder strap and bought a brooch to add on the strap…

WA = wedding anniversary


1st WA countdown: day 26 - message-in-a-bottle wedding invitations

we made our own (civil ) wedding invitation and our guests loved it because they thought it’s unique…. we were able to pull this off because we only need to make 26 of these “message in a bottle” invitations…

bob was the one who put the shells in (and made sure all bottles have equal amount of colored shells in it), i glued the ribbons, printed, rolled & placed the actual invitations inside the bottle & wrapped the boxes (where the bottle should go) with exotic paper that i bought from a tiny craft store in philly

here’s my blog post on how we made this:

WA = wedding anniversary


1st WA countdown: day 27 - wedding rings

i bought the hubby’s wedding ring and ofcourse the hubby bought all my rings (including the paris ring that i now use as my everyday wedding ring)

more of our ring stories below:
i got proposed at twice:

i bought someone a wedding ring :
WA - wedding anniversary


1st WA countdown : day 28 - custom-painted wedding shoes

i ordered this custom-painted wedding shoes from…. painted on it is part of my vows and some of the drawings on the shoes either reflects our personality or tells our story....

more about the where, why, how & what about this wedding shoes at our wedding blogsite : http://2sqrtof3.blogspot


1st WA countdown: day 29 - wedding site/announcement
wedding site:

no pic today. just our wedding announcement wedsite containing, civil wedding details, supplier reviews, entourage list, about capemay, etc.

WA = wedding anniversary.


1st WA countdown: day 30 - DIY brooch bouquet

i made my own brooch bouquet that i used on both civil & church wedding…this is my favorite among all the DIYs i did for our wedding…

for videos on how i made my brooch bouquet visit the link below:


1st WA countdown : wedding anniversary day!!

no pic, just a video of the bridal highlights that i stitched together:

Cape May Video from bluemarlinfish on Vimeo.

…and that was how our civil wedding was a year ago….
WA = wedding anniversary


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