Sunday, March 20, 2011

mock up napkin ring

got the DIY napkin ring idea from one of my fellow w@wies (i love my w@w sissses!)

i like crafts and when i saw the napkin ring that one of the w@wies did i immediately put that on my DIY wedding projects.....

and last friday, after i got off from work, i went to A.C.Moore (the cheaper Michael's option) and bought some beads, nylon and ribbons so i could start doing the mock-up napkin ring..... i do mock-ups so i could decide on what design, bead combination, color combination i really want to do for the final product.... i'm hoping to do some this weekend....
(that pic isn't mine)

this is one of the DIY projects that i need to start right away because i have to make one for each of our guests...... it's not like the STD or WYB or invitations that you just have to do it once and just print it how many number of times you want....

anyway, if i pull these off my guests will have a lot trinkets and souvenirs to take home after our wedding!




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