Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wedding cake hunting

i think i already mentioned that our theme is travel with some touch of Paris (please read our "Who is TwoSqrtOfThree" page for some history *blush*)......


so i was happily blog hopping when i saw pictures of a luggage wedding cake, i like that!
and then i saw an eiffel tower cake, i like that too!
then i showed them to my h2b he liked both too!

oh well, so much for trying to lower down our wedding expenses, tsk tsk, LOL

now, we're thinking whether or not we'll just offset the free wedding cake from our caterer and just get some other freebie and just go ahead and splurge on the cake we want or keep the caterer's free cake to save on cost.... but then again, it's too early to commit on that cake thing.... so for the meantime i'm going to go scour the internet for wedding cake design ideas that matches our theme and just decide what to do with our cake a few months before the wedding....... so yep, we'll keep looking.....

by the way,
here are the cake suppliers that we've looked into so far:

photocredits: http://www.dragonsanddaffodils.com/dragonsanddaffodils_thankyous.html


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