Thursday, April 14, 2011

another caricature

i think i'm starting to overdo this business of ordering caricatures, tee hee, vanity alert, haha.

we don't have a proposal photo so i thought a caricature would be cute... so i asked jo again if he can make us another caricature that i could use for our proposal story page...

after 2 weeks we received the final caricature and both h2b and i liked it but h2b is worried that flaunting that caricature might make people think we're bragging (it has an eiffel tower and some can read our
Who is TwoSqrtOfThree for the reasons *blush) .... he's right.... so i'll be using that image only on our official wedsite (, maybe? lol

that image on the left is part of that proposal caricature minus the h2b and the eiffel tower with fireworks background...i have the java logo because i'm a java programmer while my h2b has some other programming language on his sleeve too..... we both have the "phillies" logo because we're both from philadelphia and we both love the phillies.....


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