Monday, April 18, 2011

Fondant vs Boiling Icing

Can't decide which one to get? Here are some things I learned  both from fellow w@wie and researching online.

- made of powdered sugar, gelatine, shortening, glucose and glycerine
- firmer in texture
- In terms of decoration, fondant will give you that smooth texture
- the trend nowadays
- too sweet
- have to be stored on room temp or it would "perspire" if stored in fridge
- more elegant and complicated designs
- the bread inside is hard to support the icing.
- more expensive
-  more heat tolerant than the other icings
-  it can create a very smooth, elegant finish.
-  sugar dough
- chewy but not sticky and has a sweet marshmellow flavor

Boiled Icing:

- made of eggwhites and sugar
- texture is very soft and fluffy
- classic and more tasty
- prone to melt if temperature is warm
- cheaper
- Marshmallow-like flavor
- 100% fat free because made from cooked egg whites.. 

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