Tuesday, July 19, 2011

another update for official wedsite

i was able to update our wedsite in between studying..... it helps me refocus my brain cells when i pause for a bit and do something totally non-techie......

anyway, so here's what i have accomplished so far,

1.  updated Photo Galleries - added more photos of us

2.  updated the Philippines 101 - Getting to and Around
     a. added map to the wedding venue
     b.  added directions to the wedding venue
     c.  added how and when to book a flight to the philippines
     d. added travel time from the east coast to the philippines

7.  updated  Our Story - added Proposal Story - His Side

8.  updated P.I. Dream Team - supplier descriptions

9.  removed Helpful Links (i want to use that custom page for my U.S. entourage)

10. updated information inside P.I. Wedding

you can find the link to our wedsite at the left bar menu of this page, look for Our Official Wedsite......

but our wedsite is still private....... you can try request for wedpass though, but there's no guarantee i'll approve it....... i'm still not comfortable having strangers view it......... no, it's not because i'm trying to be mysterious, im just being superstitious, i guess and paranoid, lol and besides it's still under construction....... we will have our wedsite public as soon as our wedding date gets closer because we need to make it public for our out of town/country guests' reference/guide since both our civil and church weddings are destination weddings....

but i do have a habit of making it public once in a while but only for a day (at most)...........


popcorn said...

Hi Ayeen,

Best wishes and good luck sa wedding preparations. Looking forward to seeing your wedding site :)

again, best wishes sa inyo!

ayeen said...

thanks popcorn!

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