Wednesday, October 26, 2011

semi-crunch time

since we'll be booking our venue soon that would mean i have to start to really get serious about:

-1. finishing the WYB (i got lazy)
-2. start buying materials for my bridesmaids' foot accesories
-3. start wedding invitation mock-up

i have all the materials i need for the WYBs minus the paper.... i'm still trying to look for the perfect paper for my theme..... i need the paper for both WYBs and invitations....... i do know what i'm looking for i just don't know where to get those paper i want....... i need to invade michael's or a.c. moore again to see if they have them.... my goal this week is to finish those WYBs so i could start with the invitation mock-ups..... the foot accesories can wait....... i can actually hold off doing those until after the holidays....

but i did accomplished something yesterday and today..... i have picked out the songs for the ceremony and reception.......... i finally decided on the foot accesories' design...... i also have decided on the invitation design and have listed down the steps and materials i need........  and! i have also decided on what to do with my hair! lol

i still have more stuff to think about like:

-1. how to decorate the isle for the ceremony
-2. whether or not i'll use pomanders
-3. if yes, should i buy those or make them myself
-4. should i just tie them on the side of the isle chairs or stick those on the sand...
-5. what color should i use, just white or tiffany blue or both
-6. if i should use sashes for the chairs or should i just save the sashes for the reception chairs
-7. should i use two arbors
-8. if i'm going to use two arbors where should i look for cheap white tulle or muslin or taffeta
-9. i still need to decide whether or not i need to look for someone to do my hair and makeup (preferably asian)
-10. or if i should just do my own hair and make-up
-11. where should i buy sashes for my bridesmaids
-12. should i use my DIY bouquet or use real flowers
-13. flowers for the bridesmaids or the "alternative"
-14. DIY butonniere or don't bother
-15. beach themed wedding favors

i also have some church wedding stuff to take care of:

-1. book wedding coordinator - the team im thinking of getting hasn't replied to my emails yet! bad sign....
-2. start scouting for couturier for church wedding bridesmaids

but again, those can wait...... the priorities now are:

-1. book venue (this saturday)
-2. book ceremony rentals (hopefully this saturday too)
-3. book photographer (next week)
-4. book musicians (next week)
-5. choose justice of peace (by end of november)
-6. do taste test  (saturday)
-7. apply for beach permit to have the ceremony by the beach
-8. buy jar and two sand colors for unity sand ceremony


-1. WYBs - deadline this sunday
-2. pronovias trunk show (yes, that's part of my priority, lol)  - nov 5
-3. send out invitations for the engagement dinner - around 2nd week of november
-4. autumn engagement photo shoot (the trees at valley forge national park is almost at its peak and they look pretty!) - 1st week of november

still lots of things that needs to be done but i just try to look at the "smaller" picture..... one teeny weeny To Do item at a time so i won't get overwhelmed......


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