Thursday, February 3, 2011


i dont have a good skin and  i need a make-up artist who can do magic, haha... plus it would be less photoshop work for my photographers, hi hi....anyway, i've read this review from one bride who claimed she doesn't have a good skin but B made her really beautiful on her big day... i saw that bride's pic, and deym, she is pretty!

that's enough for me to finally decide i am getting her!

we've made a few email exchanges already.... the other thing i like about her is her retouches are up to the end of the reception...most HMUA i have inquired just include retouches until before the that's another big plus...

so no diana kwong anymore... she's my "this is it" HMUA...

if you're curious here's the rate she gave me:
Inclusions for your January 19 wedding are as follows:

- hair and makeup for bride, groom plus 2 heads
- unlimited retouching till end of reception
- free upgrade to airbrush makeup for bride
- free airbrush trial makeup (only, no hair)
- 50% downpayment to lock the date and package rate.

i'm a happy camper...weeeee!

babaw much, lol


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