Thursday, February 17, 2011

we finally decided on a photographer


and it's going to be J

we fell inlove with his trademark shots called "F" his style is somewhat similar to the very expensive N U (he used to be under N  U's wings) that's why we decided to get him...

we like getting new budding artists.... almost the same caliber but cheaper....being cheaper doesn't always equates to lower quality..... and being pricey doesn't always equates to super high quality product, sometimes it just means you're buying that person's "name" and "fame".......  it's like buying clothes.... the branded names are always expensive....

we're not into fame and name of the supplier.....what we're after is what and how very well a supplier can deliver and yes, after looking at all his photos, J fits our criteria..... quality and at reasonable price.... and we can lock his rates, which is very very important to us....

we just sent the contract and we'll be paying the Php15,000 deposit next week.

we want a back up photographer
with a different style as our main...
and who is willing to shoot raw + jpg
we'll just find one 6 months before the wedding

raw on nikons is .nef
raw on canon is .crw?


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