Wednesday, February 2, 2011

venue update

We already paid for the deposit thru We're supposed to wire the money but it didn't go thru and it's because the person from the bank who filled up my wire form have wrote "USD" instead of "Peso" in the denomination field. And since it was a Friday and they told me about this error at 2:00 PM they said they can't make the next wire til Monday morning because cut-off time was 2:30 (i got to the bank at 2:25).

Monday morning EST is Monday evening in the Philippines. We need to send the payment ASAP or we'll lose the promo rate. So I went ahead and paid thru I've trusted for 3 years now to send  emergency money to the Philippines they just weren't my first choice this time because the amount I'll be sending is much higher than what I usually send. Anyway, I immediately sent the confirmation receipt to my AE at our venue as proof that we tried to pay before the Manila time deadline as soon as I completed the initial transaction. After that it was just all waiting and as of today, well, yesterday (it's 3:13AM here now), according to, the money has already been deposited to our venue's Account. I'm now waiting for my AE's confirmation.

This would really be an exercise of patience.


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