Wednesday, January 26, 2011

still waiting for venue confirmation

We just really want to get this part over with.
We want to pay our venue's down payment already so we could start concentrating on our US wedding preps.

And we're worried that the more the days drag by the more our chances of getting the Bridal Fair promo rate is getting slim. I wish they'll consider the date that we confirmed and reserve our date (though only pen-booked) as the official reservation date and not the date when they receive our payment. Because the way the things are going we might not be able to send our payment til first week of February since it's Thursday (January 27) now in the Philippines and the promo ends this January and we still haven't received any confirmation email and payment details from them yet.


We're getting the worry-free package.
H2B insists on it. I'm 50-50 between worry-free
and all-in


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