Monday, January 24, 2011

FG it is!

H2B is really loving our venue... he's been showing our venue's website and photos to his friends and relatives already! and the gondola is just the selling point for him! lol ...he said it's really unique..... he also fell inlove with the church too.....

here's their website: <removed for security reason>
he wants to book the worry-free package....he said he liked the idea of just writing a check once and that's it....

i kinda like just the all-in.... because i want to choose my own photographer, videographer and OTD....and i dont think i like a bar in my wedding.... i dont want drunk guests, lol

i already contacted our venue asking them if our date is available and how we can go about reserving the place officially... they haven't reply yet! they're making me nervous!

this is a practice of patience, lol

it's challenging to be an overseas bride
and planning 2 weddings


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