Monday, January 17, 2011

Church Wedding Requirements Checklist

Diocese of Paranaque

1.Baptismal Certificate issued within 6 months of wedding date and with notation “for marriage”
2.Confirmation Certificate issued within 6 months of wedding date and with notation “FOR MARRIAGE”
3.Birth Certificate (NSO copy)
4.Marriage License
OR Civil Marriage Certificate (if civilly married)
OR Affidavit of Marriage Between a Man and a Woman who Have Lived Together for at Least Five
Years from the City Hall

II. REQUIREMENTS FOR FOREIGNERS - do we still need this if we're already married civilly in the U.S?
1.Certification of Free Status to Marry from the embassy of country of origin.
2.Certificate of Freedom to Marry from parish priest, pastor or religious leader
OR Marriage Banns to be issued by the parish/es abroad where he/she has lived for 6 months or more
prior to the wedding
3.Photocopy of pages 1 & 2 of passport
4.Endorsement from the Japanese Chaplain, if he/she is a Japanese citizen
5.Clearance from the Chancery

1.Baptismal certificate or certificate of religious affiliation
2.Certificate of freedom to marry from pastor or religious leader. In case there is no religious affiliation, Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from the NSO
3.Petition for Permission for the celebration of Mixed Marriage or Petition for the Decree of Dispensation from the Impediment of Disparity of Cult signed by contracting parties and endorsed by parish priest
4.Permission for Mixed Marriage or Decree of Dispensation from Disparity of Cult issued by the Chancery

IV. PARISH REQUIREMENTS - can we do this here?
1. Canonical Interview Date: Priest: ____________
2. Publication of marriage banns for 3 consecutive Sundays ­__________ __________ __________
and Permission from own Parish
3. Marriage Preparation Program
A. Pre-Cana B. Catechism C. Natural Family Planning
4. Sacrament of Confession (a week before the wedding date)
5. Officiating Priest: ____________________________
Appointment: ___________________
Authorization No.: ____________________________
Valid Until: ____________________
If the Officiating Priest is not from the Diocese of Parañaque, a photocopy of his Authority to
Solemnize Marriage and celebret should be submitted.

V. Other Requirements
List of Sponsors
Wedding Fee OR #

that's a lot!
I wonder if we still need those Pre-Cana & Catechism. H2b is not Catholic and converting to Catholic is not our option right now.


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