Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is our venue really slow?

i've been emailing them asking about additional fees for non-credited suppliers and asking them how to go about paying for the reservation, still no reply...

then last night i decided to just call them... i talked to an AE on the phone... i asked if our date is available and he said it is!


and then he said he'll email me some packages and he'll highlight the items that he thinks is more appropriate to me.... i said awesome!

i waited for a few hours..

then finally i got the email....... what he sent me are things that i already know from my previous correspondence with  Ms. AE so I immediately sent C an email telling him that we would like to reserve B on January 19 ,  for 100 pax and that we also would like to book the church

That's another problem I have. I emailed N to ask if January 19 is available and they said yes and they requested that I call them. I called them but I kept getting "the phone number you're calling is outside he coverage area".... sheesh!

so i don't know.... i'll try and call them again tonight...

Anyway, back to our venue, I'm still waiting for them to reply. I need to know how we can pay the downpayment and I am so so so anxious to book the date officially because I don't want to lose that date! We chose that date  because that's the closest Saturday to a US holiday (Martin Luther's) and we want that so that guests from the US don't have to waste too many time offs if they want to attend our Philippines wedding. But fine, I'll wait. I'll wait for a few days and if they didnt reply after that time then i'll start bugging them again..... Hopefully, I  can restrain myself from calling them every day.



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