Friday, January 14, 2011

we "kinda" have a date and the reason behind the dates

"kinda" because we just have the month and year.

so it's going to be sept for the US wedding.
jan for the Philippines wedding.

it would be a very long engagement but we have to consider a lot of constraints and parameters like:

1. we prefer that the US wedding would be after my apartment lease ends. (dec 2011)
2. since i want a beach wedding it should be around summer time but august is too hot ...
3. the US wedding has to precede the Philippines wedding so it would be lesser documents and lesser hassle on applying for wedding license in the Philippines
4. we prefer january for the Philippines wedding because that's one of the colder months...we don't want december because it's a holiday season, people would be really busy and the airfare sky rockets!
5. we prefer a date closest to a long weekend for our guest coming from the U.S. (martin luther king)


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