Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wedding by the sea - Cape May

if we're pushing through with the cape may venue here's what it will cost:

  $200 - chairs ($4 x 50 pax)
  $100 - arbor
  $200 - 4 wedding feather banner (i thought two is fine but bob wants 4 feather banner)

all from: http://www.weddings-bythesea.com/

Ceremony Locations: Sunset Pavilion, Beach (Provide Cross-Street Name), Dune Walk / Deck, Bandstand Gazebo, Kiwanis Park Gazebo, Lighthouse area, Harbor View Park Pavilion, Hotel, Other.

and for the legal stuff:

Licensing – State law requires that all who marry in NJ must have a marriage license issued in NJ. A 72 hour mandatory waiting period applies. Call the Registrar of Vital Statistics, Mon-Fri, Noon -4PM at 609-884-9599.
Contact the Cape May Registrar at the city clerk's office (609) 884-9599 for a marriage license appointment. Appointments are Monday through Friday, between noon and 3 PM.
Once you apply for a license, there's a 72 hour waiting period before the license is issued - so don't `wait until the last minute! You can apply for the marriage license within six months of your wedding date.

Permits – Scheduling with City Hall is necessary for use of public facilities. A $25 administrative fee and official beach rules apply. E-mail to weddings@capemaycity.com.
   Start your wedding plans by contacting Terry Stickle, the city's wedding coordinator, at (609) 884-9580. Terry will help you reserve your beach wedding location.
so that's additonal:

  $25 - for use of public sites if there are over 20 guests
  $25 - administration fee

and for the reception we're looking at $90/pax....so that's another $4,500
$   500 - ceremony rentals
$    50 - legal fees
$4,500 - reception

$  150 - wedding dress
$  200 - bridesmaid dress (4 ladies, i found some cheap ones online, hurray)
$   ?    - photographer
$   ?    - videographer
$   ?    - save-the-date (this is my DIY project)
$   ?    - invitations (might be a DIY project)
$   ?    - souvenirs (head massager from kikkerland)

i need to look for cheaper caterer.....and cheap photo/video..... i really want to pull off a $5K beach wedding..... i can't believe we'll be spending that much for a very simple wedding when in the Philippines for that same amount that will cover all the expenses for a very good wedding already!

anyway, we're thinking of going to cape may this weekend and check the suppliers and look for ceremony venue.... i want the sunset view but the lighthouse view is cool too....


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