Friday, June 3, 2011

beach wedding motif

when we went to cape may and witnessed a beach wedding there's one thing in that wedding that immediately caught my attention--a dark color motif  is not a good color for a beach wedding....


the bridesmaids looked like they were wearing  black dresses (it was some kind of dark purple)  from afar specially when they are back lighted......

we figured we need to have a color that's really bright..... something that's the same color as the ocean.....or sky....or some other happy beach colors..... a color that would pop out even if it's cloudy....something that would complement the color of the ocean......

then on one of our visits in cape may, i was wearing a bright blue top and had my photo taken infront of a life saver boat that has "cape may" written on it and with the ocean as my backdrop.... and boy oh boy, that color really popped out ....... and that's when we had an epiphany, lol...... so what would be our civil wedding color motif is now?


tiffany blue
(or aqua blue)

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