Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Unity Sand Ceremony

Ever heard of it? me neither.

I've seen it for the first time while I was browsing thru a cape may website that sells/rents wedding supplies. Didn't think much of it the first time and ignored it. But today while I was browsing thru different bottles and colored sands for another of my DIY projects i came across the unity sand again. So I got curious and started researching on it and i must admit, it is very interesting  and since we're having a beach wedding this would add a nice touch to the wedding ceremony.Hopefully I can convince the H2B and he won't find this a little cheesy, lol.

So what is it?

The sand unity ceremony originated as a solution to beach weddings trying to light candles on windy beaches and today, the unity sand ceremony has become a creative alternative for the popular unity candle ceremony.

The blended sand is symbolic of the union of "two into one", the unity of the bride & groom created by their joining through marriage.

The resulting vase will become a permanent fixture in the married couple's home for years to come.

So how does it work?

1) The groom will start the ritual by pouring a portion of his black sand (or any other color) into the main glass vase to create the first layer.
2) The bride will follow by pouring a portion of her white sand (or any other color)  into the same main vase to create the second layer.
3) To complete the unity sand ceremony, the groom and bride seal their union by pouring the balance of their sand simultaneously into the main vase.
4) Be sure to have someone carefully transport the vase for you to display in your new home.

note: the funnel is optional.

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