Monday, June 20, 2011

yellow meadow, where art thou?

this past few days i have been driving the h2b crazy because i was pestering him about finding a yellow meadow, lol

since i live in suburb philly there are a lot of wide empty spaces..... unfortunately, none of them is a yellow meadow.... when i say yellow meadow, i'm talking about yellow wild flowers..... buttercups, rapeseeds or daffodils

i am actually finding those yellow wildflowers all over the place since last saturday but the problem is it's just a small random area..... or if i did find a 'somewhat' big area, it's right next to a highway! i need a big open, kinda discreet area...... because i want to do this:

or this:

but we'll keep looking..... i'll drive around this week after work to see if i could find some.....

i also mentioned to the h2b my plan about doing the winter photoshoot at his yard..... i said we can buy those cheap arch/arbor at home depot and we can use it as props..... he thought it's interesting but first we need to put arbor vitae so we could have some privacy if we decide to push through with the pictorial..... we might start planting some arbor vitaie this fall--hopefully...... our wedding expenses are piling up so we'll see if we still have money to afford those trees, lol......

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