Monday, June 20, 2011

pinas ToDos

Things to do when i go home for a quick vacation (in no particular order):

1. Food tasting
    - h2b is v-e-r-y particular with food and the first thing he asked me to do is to NOT do the basic package. We're getting package C or D. We  really want D because we love chilean sea bass but the sauce that comes with it kinda scares us. So I need to make sure I tried that first before we commit to the food package. If that didn't work, package C it is.

2. Interview wedding coordinators.
     - I already have a shortlist of whom I want to get but we want to make sure we have a certain rapport therefore the need to meet with them face to face. We just need partial coordinating because we're pretty much done with the major stuff. We're done with the researching, haggling, booking, paying the deposits and ofcourse conceptualizing the theme of the wedding. We can actually just do the OTD (on-the-day) but I need someone who can do errands for us 6 months before the wedding because I really think that would be the stressful part. Like, I need someone to make "kulit" the couturier for my entourage gowns to make sure he/she delivers on time. I need someone to accompany my entourage during fitting. I need someone to close the deal about the detailing for the reception (what color of napkins, what table cloth to use, how to decor the reception area, etc). Basically, the wedding coordinator will be my "eye"  and my second hand when I go back to the U.S. And since I'm anal, I want to hire someone who's very organized and meticulous about stuff  like me too.

3. Go to divisoria.
     -  I need to buy my raw items for my DIY projects. I have DIY projects for both the US and Philippines wedding . See my  Divisoria to buy list

4. Meet personally with the photographers and videographers.
     - I might schedule an engagement photoshoot with my photographer or an MTV video with my videographer (i have to make sure my free trial make-up doesn't go to waste, lol)

5. Open a peso checking account
     - To make paying "large" items easier. Payment for "large" items starts 3 months before the wedding.

6. Visit the wedding venue
      - and take photos and videos. Also, I need  to locate the good spots for wedding pictorials.
      - ask about the bridal room..reserve it and see how it looks like
      - reserve gazebo as back up?  

7. Talk to the chapel's person-in-charge.
      - Ask about  "mixed" marriage (h2b is non-catholic) paperwork and if pre-cana and other seminars can be done in the U.S.

8. Talk to prospective vans or coaster rentals.
      - For entourage transpo.

9. Buy h2b a barong
      - For the beach wedding in the U.S.

10. Do the trial hair and make up.

 11. Talk to the hotel manager.      
     -  We have made up our mind on where to stay 3 days before the wedding. I need to talk to the manager to ask for wedding discounts for out-of-town guests.

12. Meet with my entourage.
       - Thank them for agreeing to be part of the wedding.

13. Look for entourage couturier.
      - Should be near the majority of the entourage.

14. See if I can book the surprise gift this early.
      - That "thing" that I'm sacrificing my gown to.

15. Go to cartimar and look for bird cage.    
     - Nope, we're not using it for the doves. It's for something else which I will reveal on the wedding.

<to be continued>

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